Basic Style and Grooming

The road to becoming suave and attractive is taken one step at a time.  The easiest step to take on that road is dressing well and grooming.

Yet, when I walk down the street, it is downright appalling the number of men I see that are poorly dressed and poorly groomed.

Don't be that guy. Please.

Don’t be that guy. Please.


Style Basics:

  • FIT IS KING (baggy isn’t the style to get female attention). Go to a hole in the wall tailor and you can get your clothes fitted cheap.

See a more comprehensive guide to fit here: Fit Guide

  • Get good looking shoes that match the outfit. I recommend at least one pair of casual, brown leather shoes that can be worn with most outfits. Women consistently notice shoes more than any other part of your outfit.

Worn by many men already? Yes. That’s because it’s sexy.

  • Have some attention grabbing or “pea-cocking” items: A watches, jewelry, french cuffs, phone case, etc. I’m a little more eccentric than most, but my conversations starters are: colorful watchband, unique iPhone case, unique wallet, and arm brace (though I’m actually injured).
    • Note: DO NOT DRESS FLASHY FOR ITS OWN SAKE. If you are not normally dressed as a biker or steam punk, do not do it just to talk to girls. If your style isn’t congruent to you, this will be transparent to a woman. This is doubly true during the day. All of the items I have are personal and have a story behind them; I wear them because they’re congruent with my personality. If you’re going to wear something out of the ordinary, a girl will almost certainly point it out. Make sure you have something to say about your attention grabbing items!
  • Try v-necks and button downs instead of printed tees.
  • To avoid: Printed tees, white socks,  and running shoes (when not working out).
    • I can’t tell you the number of times I have heard women accost men wearing athletic gear when inappropriate.

A more in-depth style guide can be found here: Restart Your Style 20 Rules

You don’t have to sell your left arm to find good looking clothes, either. I’ve found many of my favorite items from here and here.

Grooming Basics:

  • KEEP YOUR FINGER NAILS CLEAN: This is a giant no-no, especially if you want to sleep with a girl. Dirty fingernails=potential urinary tract infection for the girl. I have been personally chewed out by a girl for having dirty finger nails. Unless you play guitar, just keep them short and clean. Don’t argue with me!


  • Smell Nice: Smell is directly linked to memory (source) so it is important to wear a regular smell. Having a regular, pleasant smell creates an unbroken narrative in a girl’s head every time she sees you. One of my favorite guides to cologne: Reddit’s Guide To Cologne
  • Wear five o’clock shadow: If it looks good on you, keep a bit of stubble. There was a study done that showed that the most attractive facial hair to women is Stubble>Clean Shaven>Beard (source).  Of course, if your hair is patchy, just keep nice and clean.
  • Have a good haircut: Don’t just have your hair grow as nature intended. Use it as a chance to show off how much of a slick chap you are. Confused about what haircut would suit you best? Check out this guide. If you are balding, shave your head or wear a hat!

Oh baby.

  • Have good breath: Gum or mints are part of the essential checklist before going out (Note: most of these still apply to meeting women in the day).
  • Get rid of nose, ear, shoulder and back hair. Trim your pubes. Some useful links to help deal with these issues: 1,2,3 (Go ahead and click, there’s no judgement here.)

Now go out there and get dapper!


Got style or grooming tips? Leave them in the comments below!

photo credit: Raido Kaldma via cc
photo credit: Lazurite via photopin cc
photo credit: jssjrdm via photopin cc
photo credit: Plashing Vole via photopin cc

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